5 Lies Promoted by Scammers Selling Penis Growth Pills

Many studies confirmed that worrying about penile size is a real problem that a lot, or probably most, men have to deal with. That is the driving force behind one of the largest and darkest online markets, the penis enlargement pills industry. There are several myths largely promoted on review sites, blogs, and forums about different products intended for fixing the small penis problem that millions of men think they have. In this post I’d like to debunk 5 of the top false claims pushed by online scammers.

  1. Penis size is important in bed. Believe it or not, most normal women who were asked about this issue said that unless their partner’s penis is significantly small (below 5 inches) then what matters is how it is used rather than how much it measures. So, relax, because you are most likely to have an average (~5.5) or even above-average penis. Learn some love-making skills and you can impress any woman in bed. You don’t need a 10″ drill to satisfy a woman!
  2. Certain herbs can make your penis grow. Not they don’t! I dare any company that makes penis enlargement pills to show credible scientific proof of their claims. No herb, vitamin, or any type drug can make your penile tissue grow.
  3. Porn actors use penis pills. Well, maybe they use Viagra, or another natural supplement, but that has nothing to do with their size. ED drugs and natural supplements can improve circulation and stamina, but don’t believe for one second that their large dongs are due to the pills they are taking. Some porn stars are making tons of cash by sponsoring penis enlargement pills and falsely suggesting that they use it to get HUGE! You may have heard about SizeGenix, Biomanix, TenGenix and other similar products. Check out this scam-busting review for the plain facts about such fake penis pills.
  4. Increased circulation causes penis expansion. Another baseless theory upheld by male enhancement manufacturers is that their pills will increase blood flow to erectile tissue, which will eventually lead to permanent expansion of the penis. While some pills can indeed help boost circulation, the results are always temporary and no lasting growth in length or girth will be gained.
  5. Our ‘secret formula’ works. First of all, whenever you see the words ‘secret formula’ associated with any supplement that should be a red flag for you to avoid it. There are no secrets in making nutritional supplements and there are no magic ingredients that no one else has discovered! All male enhancement supplements contain herbs, vitamins and other natural ingredients that have been discovered and used for thousands of years, and they work exactly the same way like the thousands of other supplements that contain the same ingredients.

Top 10 Herbal Remedies for Amazing Erectile Function & Strength

Herbal remedies for erectile & male enhancement (photo by Richard Old)

Everyone knows about the notorious little blue pill (Viagra) and its counterparts; Cialis and Levitra. Those quick-acting pills for erectile dysfunction are used by millions of men worldwide.

While prescription medications do work in most cases, they come with a handful of downsides – most notably their unpleasant side effects, health risks for some patients, and their crazy high prices (one Viagra pill can cost as high as $30 at local US retailers like Walmart & Walgreens!)

Luckily, if you suffer from sexual or erectile weakness there are other alternative treatments you can consider that are safer, cheaper and work naturally to enhance your sexual health.

OTC sex supplements are helpful, but…

There are many natural male enhancement supplements available over the counter at most supplement stores – like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. These products typically contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and organic compounds that are used in folk medicine to improve potency.

Effectiveness of herbal tools for sexual dysfunction has not been fully scientifically established, since the FDA does not treat OTC supplements as treatments and so no clinical proof is required to market and sell them to the public. Nevertheless, many healthcare professionals and doctors recommend using certain natural products for men wanting a better sex life.

When looking for a male enhancement aid, you can easily get lost between the many ingredients and brands sold in online and offline stores. But, that’s not the only problem, you will also have to tell which products are genuine and which are a rip-off.

“The male enhancement market is plagued with scammers promoting mislabeled products all the way down to thoroughgoing scams, which claim they will miraculously increase penis size by inches,” says Robert Greene from PenileGuider.com

You must be extremely wide-awake if you are buying a male enhancement supplement online, and do not get tempted by all the 5-star reviews and testimonials since most of them are fake. Oh, and do I need to tell you that all “dick enlargement” pills are bogus? Avoid at any cost!

What herbs do work for male enhancement?

The following is a list of the best 10 herbs and natural compounds that can help you restore your erection and sexuality.

1. Panax Ginseng

This is one of the most popular herbs that many men and women use for different medical conditions. It is quite effective in increasing physical stamina and endurance, and boosting brain function. The Korean Panax Ginseng is used in many sex stimulants to enhance sexual function and help men last longer in bed.

2. Tongkat Ali

The root of this Southeast Asian tree has some medical benefits. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction and increase libido. There is some scientific proof that Tongkat Ali may boost testosterone levels, and it is a popular ingredient in manhood and body building products.

3. Tribulus

Another herb that is also believed to increase testosterone. Tribulus may help improve sexual ability and drive.

4. Horny Goat Weed

Also known as Barrenwort, an herb that has many uses is traditional Chinese medicine. The leaves contain a component that works similar to Viagra, i.e. it relaxes blood vessels in the penis leading to increased blood flow. Horny Goat Weed can improve your erection rigidity, but it is much less powerful than prescription drugs.

5. Catuaba

Catuaba is a tree bark extract native to Brazil. It is used to support sexual performance in men and boost libido. There are some suggestions that it may also prevent HIV injection.

6. Damiana

This aphrodisiac herb grows in Central America where it was originally used in alternative medicine to aid men who were having trouble in bed.

7. L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid that the body needs to make protein. When taken orally, it is converted inside the body into nitric oxide. NO plays an essential role during an erection by widening blood vessels allowing more blood to flow and fill erectile tissues. Men taking L-Arginine usually notice a significant improvement in hardness.

8. Muira Puama

Some call this plant the potency wood. Its bark extract is used as an aphrodisiac and also to treat ED.

9. Oat Straw

Oat is a natural medicine with multiple health benefits used in supplements to improve overall health. It may reduce cholesterol and help you lose weight. It can support sexual health and performance.

10. Astragalus

Astragalus is an herb that is used in traditional medicine to boost immunity and prolong life. It is also used to increase blood flow, improve liver health and fight against bacteria and viruses.

The above-listed ingredients can be found in a countless number of natural products for men, such as ExtenZe, VigRX Plus, Male Extra, Black Snake, Stamina RX, and others.

Deciding which product to buy can be confusing with all claiming to be the best and most effective. If you ask for my recommendation, I’d vouch for VigRX Plus by Leading Edge Health. This one has decent ingredients (all herbal) with fairly adequate dosages. Want to learn more? Find the information you need to know about it and two other well-known competitors in this VigRX Plus comparison at Penile Guider (compares VigRX Plus with Male Extra and Vimax pills).

Regardless of which product you choose, I do not advise you order more than one container until you know for sure that it works for you. There is no male supplement that works for all men, so you will have to try a few ones to find the best formula for your needs.

How Can Kegel Exercise Improve Your Erection And Sexual Performance?

This is quick guide to one of the most popular and easiest male sexual enhancement exercises called Kegel.

What is the Kegel exercise?

Kegel is an exercise of the pelvic floor muscle that both men and women can perform to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The main muscle that is targeted by this exercise is the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.

Where is the PC muscle?

The PC muscle is located at the floor of the pelvic cavity and spans from the pubic bone to the coccyx. A simple way to isolate the PC muscle is to imagine that you are urinating and stop the flow of urine. The muscle you contract to stop urine while it is passing is the PC muscle.

How to perform Kegels?

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Contract the PC muscle and hold for 5 minutes.
  2. Release the muscle for 3 minutes.
  3. Repeat previous steps 10 to 20 times.

How often should I do Kegels?

It is recommended that you perform the exercise two or three times a day at separate times (morning and evening). You can do it while standing, sitting, lying or even while having sex in bed.

What are the benefits of the Kegel exercise?

  • Increases blood flow to the penis.
  • Improves erection hardness.
  • Improves erectile function for men with ED.
  • Helps control premature ejaculation and intensity orgasms.
  • Helps men with urinary incontinence prevent urine leakage.

For further reading about Kegel and its benefits go to HealthLine.com.